I Just Want You To Be Happy….

Hi Lisa,

I just arrived on my destination. Everything’s fine here. Everyone here is also very nice. They welcomed me just from the gate.

Oh ya, this place is very amazing. Even in my dream, I never dream a place like this. You must be happy here, the architecture is very great, roman style, your favorite.

How are you there? I miss you and Andy already. Does she still have insomnia?

Today I met Rio. He is my very first friend here. I live next to his home. We have chit chat about some things and I knew that he has been 3 years here. Also, he told me that I can see you from here. Yes, see you from here. He told me that I can see you from a dwell behind my home. Wow!

This place is almost perfect, just one flaw. It is YOU. But, it’s very dilemma for me, hoping you here immediately means I hope you died immediately.

I don’t know, but that’s very hard to choose for me. In the end, I figured out that I just want you to be happy anywhere you are. If you need to forget me to make you happy, just do it. I’ll be okay. Yeah, maybe I’ll not at the beginning but I’ll cope with it. Don’t worry. Sounds very cheesy, but this is what I want. Only to see you smile and laugh genuinely.

Even I can’t send the letter to you, but I’ll keep writing letters so when you come here, you can read it and know that I’ll always love you forever.


Your Forever Lover


What do you think? :)

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