I am beach, not bitch

the sun is going down again after whole day do its job lighting this place. the wave is keep talking and never stop talking, although i’m not always listening it. however the wave is my most loyal friend. it never stops trying to enliven this silent place. sometimes i hear voice of some noisy people, mostly are native who walk home after collecting firewood in the woods. animals? even land animals rarely play here, there are only birds and amphibians here. i feel very ‘virgin’.

that was my condition some previous years. now, everyday dozens of people visiting me. sometimes, people make barbecue party in my place, leaving hundreds of rubbish and harm my place. sucks. i hate this crowd now. i am missing time when i can clearly hear the captious wave’s sound. a time when i can enjoy second by second of the sun ‘after work’.

those visitors are like ‘rape’ me then leave me without responsibility. i do hate them. but i am powerless. i can only silent, surrender. i don’t know when will they stop treating beach like bitch. maybe until my beauty is covered with their rubbish and damage they made. in that time, one thing i am sure, the wave will be remain loyal to me. and captious.

my previous version (from

my previous version (from

My current condition

my current condition


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