Think Out Loud

My Real Hero

Terpujilah wahai engkau ibu bapak guru
Namamu akan selalu hidup dalam sanubariku
Semua baktimu akan kuukir di dalam hatiku
Sebagai prasasti terima kasihku
Tuk pengabdianmu

Engkau sebagai pelita dalam kegelapan
Engkau laksana embun penyejuk dalam kehausan
Engkau patriot pahlawan bangsa
Tanpa tanda jasa

-Hymne Guru-

It’s been around a month since I started to teach at Sahabat Anak Grogol every sunday. For those who don’t know about it, you can find it out here. It is a really really fun experience teaching there. I am teaching 1st grade of elementary. At first I thought the subject of that grade will be simple and easy to be taught. I thought it will “as simple as” writing, reading, and very simple counting. Yeah, well I’m right actually, it is mostly about writing, reading, and simple counting. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But, yeah, as you may have guessed before, it is not as simple as I thought. At least, for me it is quite challenging to teach them on those subjects. I had ever taught science and math subjects for junior high school and senior high school students, subjects which are creepy for most people, but I feel it was much easier to teach those subjects for junior high school and senior high school students. For those teenagers, they have more attention span and they know how to ask question if they don’t understand. So, it will be like discussion at the class and it will be easy to explain to them.

Different thing happens at the little kids class. Some of them even don’t know a word contains of what letters. Tell them once, and they will forget it on the next minute. If they confuse of the task we gave, they will only be cranky and ask for the easier task or cheating on their friends. Their attention span are also very short, so they will be easily lose their focus when there is another thing attracting them. It is also hard to teach them about counting as they still don’t event know how to count big number like twenty or more. So, I tell you here,  never think it is easy. It’s really not as easy as it sounds.

One important take out from teaching them, I am reflecting to myself when I was at their age or maybe smaller. Honestly I’ve forgotten how I could read at the first time, what word/ sentence I read and wrote at the first time. My kindergarten and elementary teachers may also have forgotten it. But, one thing I know, just like I feel challenging in teaching those kids, my teachers might also feel the same when teaching me in the past. They taught me patiently word by word, number by number. With all of my naughty behaviour, and maybe stupidity, but my teachers never given up on me so you all can read my writing now. Thinking of all of my early teachers’ effort to make me be able to write, read, and count are so touchy.

I want to thank to all my teachers. Thanks so much to all my teachers that have made me become this person now. Thanks that you made me able to write this, read this, and thinking like this. Without you all, I know I will never be able even write and read my name. You are the light of my life who have enlightened my world with words and numbers so I can get much knowledge available. I hope I can be useful for others as you are. Once again, thank you very much my real hero…

Me is the one who hold the mic. Right behind me is Ibu Muji, my kindergarten teacher. The one who introduced me words, so I can write and read like now.

Me is the one who hold the mic. Right behind me is Ibu Muji, my kindergarten teacher. The one who introduced me words, so I can write and read like now.


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