A man is waiting there and she is just standing still. She looks happy and keeps smiling. So lovely. The man is not waiting anymore. He comes closer to the woman, but the woman is keeping the distance.
The man is waiting again. Now he is trying to make the woman comes closer to him. He is looking for the woman’s attention. She looks him once but forget it as soon as she blink her eyes. His attractions seems not working. However, the man is still…
A woman and a man. A space between them. Now, the man is sad. He feels rejected and hopeless. The woman is unpredictable for him. Or, he is just too stupid.. Stupid people tend to clever in making justification, right?
The man starts running and surprisingly the woman is standing still. No maneuver is being done by the woman. The man comes closer and closer. Not too long until their hands are being united. At last. No rejection, no regrets. All just being perfect.


What do you think? :)

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