Think Out Loud

Sincere Love

Every night and day since that day, your face is stucked in my mind. Not only your face, but also your brightness, your positivity, your kindness, and everything of you. I am happy have a chance to know you.
However, now I am not satisfied yet by only knowing you. I want to know you even more and make you to be my only one. I realize maybe I am nothing compared to your brightness, but I have a sincere love for you. Happiness is the only thing I will try to deliver to you. You will be my only one. Give me a single chance and I will prove it to you. You will know and feel my love, the sincere one.
This may sounds cheesy but please trust me and you will understand. Tonight I’m seeing a lot stars in the sky. However, I clearly see you there because I LOVE you. So much. This is all I can say by words. My action will say more…


What do you think? :)

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