Reflection / Think Out Loud

Year of Explorations

I guess that’s how I called 2014. In 2014 I went to some new places and pushed my limit at the time. I met many people and learned a lot of things in 2014. It was a great journey.

April 2014

I went to Sawarna beach. It was the first time I traveled with ‘random people’. A short yet great getaway. I found a great tourism spot with a ‘normal’ selling price. Although I failed to see sunset and sunrise but I was happy to be there to see the beautiful beaches, seas, cave, and kind people.

wpid-img_20140426_152603.jpgJune 2014

Finally I hiked Pangrango Mountain. This was the first time I hiked a real mountain, an amazing experience despite my bad stamina and physical condition. It was a dream came true! I stepped on Mandalawangi Greenfield, which is Soe Hok Gie’s favourite place. The place was amazing for me. It was a priceless experience. Also, I was helped by some sincere people. The mountain taught me that humanity still exists.

wpid-img_20140622_081546.jpgAugust 2014

Thanks to my office that give me a chance to go to Bali for the first time (finally). I was so excited to go to one of most popular tourism spot in Indonesia – or even the world. I went to some great beaches and I enjoyed a sunset from a cliff. It was totally a different experience. I hope I can go back there again in the future.


October 2014

This was the greatest experience of the year for me. I did my first solo traveling ever. At first I only wanted to go to Solo to come to my friend’s wedding, but finally I decided to go to Jogja as well. I was anxious at first, but I really enjoyed the journey. I met many people, went to many places and, the most important thing, learned a lot of things. I knew myself better. This was a priceless experience. And for those who are in doubt of doing solo traveling, I suggest you to do it soon and you’ll never regret it!

wpid-img_20141023_165919.jpgNovember 2014

At this month, I went to Medan for the second time. Although I only spent 2d1n there, but I was happy to be able to explore some landmarks of Medan. Oya, Medan new airport and connecting train is great. Everyone should try it. The greatest thing there was I met one of my role model after years. Chatting with her is always great.

wpid-img_20141107_133039.jpgBeside traveling, 2014 was also a volunteering year for me. I went deeper on volunteering to marginal kids. I am happy to be a part of Sahabat Anak. Hopefully all of the kids can get their rights.

2014 has taught me a lot of things. I’m happy to complete those learning puzzles to make me a better person, indeed. New year has come. I’ve set some goals this year. I hope god will agree with me and let the universe help me explore more and reach my goal. After all, hopefully happiness will be the main protagonist of 2015 and sorrow will be only supernumerary.

Thanks and good bye 2014. Welcome a great 2015! 🙂

“The learned is happy, nature to explore; The fool is happy, that he knows no more.” – Alexander Pope


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