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Let’s Travelling!

This weekend I went to Anyer Beach, which my last visited time was around 5 years ago. Well, this time, I did not spend so many times in the beach. At that short time, I listened to the sound of sea waves while seeing (suspected to be) Krakatoa mountain from the beach. I could feel that my soul was refreshed when listening to the sea waves. It was like the sea was saying welcome to me and the mountain was asking me to visit it. This weekend’s getaway reminds me of the essence of travelling.

For me, some of the most important questions in life is ‘what is life? Why am I alive? What is the purpose of life?’. People are trying to find those answers every single day. Some feel that they have completely found the answers, while some others feel completely confused when those questions are asked.
In the recent years, after I had a chance to travel around, I found out that I love travel. A lot. I love listening to the sound of wave at the beach. I am moved by the voice of creatures on the hill. I am amazed of the panorama of the greenfields or trees. Also, I love the genuine smile of the villagers or rural people everytime they see people pass by. I am constantly craving for those things.
Travelling has become my way to answer the questions above. I can find one more piece of puzzle each time I go travelling. There always be a new lesson I learn whenever I get a chance to travel, for example, I learned to see the differences and the similarities of Sumatra and Javanese people when I travelled there. From them I could learn their meaning of life, which made me reflecting to my own life. Moreover, while viewing a great natural scene also made me realizing that this earth is incredibly beautiful and must be preserved. Also, it made me thinking of human is not alone, and the universe is highly big. I get those insights because I travel, I never gotten it on class. Those all things are puzzle pieces which make me become here I am now. Indeed, it has not completed yet, that is why I am still craving for travelling.
I do not know when I will meet the mountain or sea or kind villagers again, but I believe when I do, it will again give me valuable insights. In the mean time, I guess I should see blue sky or starry sky more often, which will help me on waiting period.


Anyer, 25042015


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