Need Not a Word

We have been here for a couple of hours, as a couple. Nothing important we have done, just sitting together seeing the sea and holding hands. No words delivered from our mouths as if we don’t want to distract the sea sound at all. This is a very relaxing moment for us.

I hold your hand, kissing your head. Although we don’t say a word, but I believe we understand each other. From your hand I can feel that, you must be able to feel what I feel too.

Your head is laying on my shoulder. The left one. Still not even a word from our mouth. I enjoy this moment a lot, can’t perfectly explain this feeling. I just feel no worry, happy, relax, and love you.

The sky is clear, the sun is going down. Some people said this colour is orange, some other said it is red. Whatever, for me, it is lovely yet incredible colour. It seems you enjoy to put your head on my shoulder as well as my shoulder enjoy being your head place. The sun accompanies us to meet the dark night.

We are still here and enjoying our moment. The sun is almost gone. Suddenly you raise your head and hold the back of my head try to kiss my lips. Our lips are kissing as the sun say goodbye to us. However, still not a word heard. Maybe we don’t need one, we only need to feel and enjoy each others.


What do you think? :)

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