Think Out Loud

Mind Reading


I hope you can read it one time (i don’t know when, though). Today I’ve used my psychic ability to read your mind. Yes, sorry for haven’t mentioned my special ability.
Well, to be honest i regret using it to read your mind. The impact is bad for me. Very bad. You know, now i am totally in love with you. My mind can’t stop thinking about you even a second.

Your mind is so beautiful. You are so pure, smart, bright, critical, yet humble and kind. What a perfect mind. Tell me how not to be in love with that kind of mind I’ve read. Really, I regret my decision to read your mind. I wished I never done that.

However, now, I won’t only admire you and your mind. I will share my mind too. I will let you read my mind too. I want to convince you that I can be the best for you, for now and forever. I hope you read it and I can see your smile when reading it as the sign that I have gained your trust. And we are being lovers forever.


What do you think? :)

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