Think Out Loud

Boy’s Dream – Lifetime’s dream

Once, there was a boy who dreamed to live in European country, specifically in England. No one (including himself) knew the reason of his choice. He just wanted it. So much. He told many people that he wanted it so much and he will go for it no matter what. He was only 13 years old at that time. Everyone laughed at him when he told them about his dream. They just said “Impossible” or “Don’t dream too high, you will be hurt when you fall” or other kinds of demotivating words. However, he kept his dream in his pure heart. He didn’t know why, how, and what, but one thing for sure, no hesitation in his heart that he will be able to go there one day. A dream was made, a country of choice was chosen.

Now, years after that moment, the boy has grown up into a man. Interestingly, the dream he kept years ago never faded away, in contrast, it has been more and more illuminating in his life. Although he still do not know why he wants it, currently he knows how to get there. Many steps need to be taken to get there, he realizes. It is seen as a challenge for him. He prepares everything to start the journey, including sacrifices his comfort zone. Failure was expected too, he thought.

And the D-day has come. He started the journey. The first steps were gone through quite smoothly. However, the second real test was a big test and maybe the biggest test. It was very difficult. He thought he underwent it well, until the reality woke him up. He failed to pass the test. Yes, he failed. His big motivation and preparation were still not enough to pass this test. He needed more.apparently.

His expectation towards failure still not enough. This failure brings him down. So down. One of a biggest disappointment in his life maybe. His plan totally devastates. For a moment, he do not know what to do to continue his life. Imagine, it is his biggest dream ever since teenager, and now he fails to pass the most crucial test. He feels not qualified and is going further from his dream.

In the grieving period, self-introspection made him realized that he should be more surrender and faith that the right time will come. That kind of thought bounces him back. He is ready to face the challenge and takes the steps again. Although he still feel disappointed, he is currently more surrender. It’s about all or none for him now, hence he will take out his best of the best to pass the test. He can’t see the future, but he believe that if the vision is right, then he will be arrived there. If not, he believes there will be other greater things he can achieve.


I will stand up in front of these landmarks and see them by my own eyes in the near future. AMEN!


What do you think? :)

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