Think Out Loud

Onizuka Sensei

Today I binge-watching an old Japanese Drama Series, Great Teacher Onisuka. It made me change my plan today, but I do not regret it. Hahaha.

Actually it was my second time watching the series, my first time was at my senior high time. However, it was still interesting re-watching the drama. The drama is about a reckless man who is very passionate to become a teacher. He gets the chance and becomes accepted to be a teacher in a senior high school. He is assigned into the hardest class of the school. He is not immediately accepted by the students of that class. His approach is very unique, totally non-conservative, or sometimes brutal. In one time he destroys one of students’ wall house, while in the other time, he drags his student into the edge of a building rooftop to stop a bullying. Most of the teachers are against his styles. However, with his passion and style, his students, one by one, finally can accept him as a teacher.

This is actually a comedy drama, but the insights from this drama is powerful for me. The first thing that I learned from it is that although handling adolescence is never an easy job it can be fun if we know the key. The main key is that we should be trusted by them. In order to make them trust us, we need to listen to their wishes first and no need to judge them in anyways. We should show them the choice they have and the suggested option for them. Also, being role model does not mean to be an “ideal human” who cannot make mistakes. Instead, we may show them that we are just human being like them, but with a little bit more experiences. Therefore we do not need to fake in front of our students as if we are “god” who is ideal. Well, those insights are effective in the movie, we do not know whether it always works in the real life. However, based on my personal thinking and experience, those things will work in approaching adolescence who is still under puberty attack.

The other thing that I learned is that we should be brave in chasing our dream. There must be barriers or challenges along the way, but as long as we have courage to go for it, we will never regret the result at the end. It was told that there was 1 student who was very shy previously but after all she wanted to become an idol. Although firstly challenged by her parents and foes, but at last he got her courage to chase her dream. It was also told that she enjoyed being trained as an idol and became a very potential idol finally. It is very relevant for me recently. Haha..

After all, I also learned that most of the time, education is all about score or rating. All parents want their children to have perfect scores and get into a highly rated schools/ universities. I think it is relevant in Indonesia too. We forget one and most important thing that education is not supposed to be only about score. It is also about build up good characters which will help people in cherishing life and finding out the dreams. By balancing the score and character building, the education will create a better people and future. However, if I can only choose one, I would prefer to build the character instead of score since I believe that people with good character will be able to function well in the society.

I hope as a teacher I will be able to be as trusted (and handsome) as Onizuka. Great_Teacher_Onizuka


What do you think? :)

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