Can I Connect The Dots?

I am your twenty years from now. I want to say that I am very grateful that you never given up your dream. I know it is very hard at your time, but it is great that you don’t give up. You make me here I am. I won’t say success, but satisfied with the life I have. I understand maybe at this time you are in the confusion period whether continue or quit your dream. That happens normally since you feel there’s no support and resource to chase your dream anymore. However, let me tell you something now.

Only because you don’t give up, finally I can have a much better life 5 years from now. I can get the job that I like. I can develop my own business 7 years from now as well. Ah, also, 4 years from now I get my first handsome child from my beautiful and perfect wife. Yes, we married in the next 3 years from now. Can you believe that? Haha. Life is a mystery, bro. Moreover, 10 years from now I am able to stay again in my country of dream. I also pursue my doctoral degree in the next 10-14 years. Sounds does not make sense? Yeah, I also never imagined that, but it is real. By the age of 45, I really enjoy my roles as a business man, community transformer, and the most important thing is the head of my family. I have three children finally. I really love my wife as she always supports me everytime.

I ever heard Steve Jobs said about the “connecting dots” once. He believes that we can only see the reason of things/ events backward. Now I have proven that thing. If you do not chase your dream now, I believe my future won’t be like this. You may feel that no one supports you now, but now you can have my word that God and also me (well, yes it is yourself in the future) are supporting you. I have clearly shown you the benefits of chasing your dream in the future. Now, it’s all up to you to choose. I believe you are a smart worker who will never given up on small things. You always see obstacles as challenges. Let’s make it happen bro. Fear not, Doubt not. This will be your turning point again. If you choose wisely, you will be leveled up in the life’s game.

Don’t ever let people’s words make you down. Your real life, real journey is just about to start. Bring all of your resources, sacrifice on all, I tell you it’s worth it. Now, I can only count on you. Your (my) future is in your hand. You won’t regret because of failure, but you will regret because of not trying. Hence, just moving on and keep moving on until you find your dream comes true…stevenjobs_connecting-the-dots


What do you think? :)

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