Dear My (Husband) (Wife)

Dear My wife,

I am opening our wedding photo album. The photos start to leak now, the colours are not as sharp as it was. However, I can still see your beauty there. You are beautiful in white.

This photo album throws my memory back into 40 years ago, on our wedding day. The pastor asked me to say the marriage vow. I was as nervous as when I needed to defend my thesis. My feeling was mixed between excited, worried, happy, and all other feeling that I didn’t know the words. I finished my vow, and then your turn. Both of us finished and we were officially married. Your tears came down your face as I kissed your forehead. All people in the church gave claps.

Until now, although your face is changing a lot, you are still the most beautiful woman in my life after my mom. I am really grateful you are the one in this photo. You are the one who makes me be able to survive until now. We have faced the problems in our life together. Your supports are endless for me.

Today is your birthday, I wished you were still here with me like years ago. I believe you can smile from anywhere you are now as our children and grandchildren are as strong and good as you. Your value in life influences me a lot in a very positive way. I can be like now just because of your support and value. Happy birthday, my only one, my dear wife. I hope I can be with you again very soon


Dear My husband,

Your sincere love for me since the very beginning of our marriage is incomparable. Everytime I look into our wedding album, I never forget how I can’t hide my happiness to be yours. Although your body currently is not as strong as in the photos, you are still the strongest man for me after my father.

Marrying you is the best choice for me ever. I am very happy with all your love for me because all of it are real, not only lip service. You walk the talk everytime. It makes me touched and never regret being with you. Your love is also not felt as a strongly binding love. It is a smooth love, but I am melted to you because of it. I believe in life just because your love is real.

Today is (supposed to be) my birthday. Although we are not in the same place anymore now, you are still in my heart. I will never be able to forget your love. I hope you can teach your love to our children and grandchildren too. I am happily seeing they can have loves as sincere as you are. Thanks for the party for me though I can’t be there. Wish you all the best and you can complete your tasks in Earth.


What do you think? :)

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