Think Out Loud

Glad to See You

Being a ‘brand/product consultant’ is a tough job, i should say. We have to accommodate clients’ needs and our capabilities. As a partner, indeed we have to try hard to support the clients. Not always by complying their order, but by giving advise the best and most feasible action to do. 

Sometimes, being partner to client is not as beautiful as it sounds. Some (read: all) clients want the jobs done very quick. If possible, tomorrow we can deliver what they want. Oh, no. It should be yesterday if possible. This is the art of a consultant, we shouldn’t always comply to our clients, yet to ensure we can do the best to help them. Juggling both things are appealing as well as sucks sometimes.

Regardless those tough part, one thing that I love in this job is when you finally see the launching/ improvement of the product of your client. I feel sentimental at that moment and spontaneously want to say: Hi! Glad to see you finally there! You know, it’s like having a baby (well, i have never had a baby yet. :p). We see there that we have contribution on that product till it finally can come out in the market. Genuine happiness wipes out the tiredness experienced during the process. When the product becomes a star, we feel the happiness. When it flops, we also feel sad and think hard why it flops. 

Maybe, that part keeps me here. The satisfaction and proud feeling when the products improved/ launched are like drugs. The more I feel it, the more I want to repeat the process again. I don’t know whether I can remain here until when. But, for now, I am happy to see some of ‘my babies’ are in your closest minimarket. 


What do you think? :)

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